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July 10, 2013: Going to try and keep the website updated as much as possible from now on! Lots of new things going on! Psycho Originals is now in charge of the complete television production of the Amercian Wrestling Federation, the Sunday Shockwave series on the CW Twin Cities channel 23. Also the brand new Metal Dude show on the CW Twin Cities channel 23! The first taping was last night at POV's 65 in Spring Lake Park, MN. Should be a great show! Until next time, take care!

Feb 27, 2012: The documentary "If a Tree Falls" was nominated for an Oscar last night and guess who has a spot in the credits! Psycho Originals! The documentary used about 20 seconds of Psycho Originals material in the making of the film. Its small but still incredibly cool! Until next time, take care.

Feb 20, 2012: Long time and no updates, but that doesn't mean there has not been anything going on with Psycho Originals. Quite the contrary, Psycho Originals is now filming a monthly television show for the American Wrestling Federation which airs on Channel 45 in the Twin Cities metro area. Also, with Channel 45 Psycho Originals has been making local commercials for a variety of businesses. The commercials will be viewable on our Youtube account as they are finalized and deemed TV worthy.  It is with a heavy heart that i announce the Osceola storefront closed down in October, 2011, thus ending our first attempt at a physical retail store. Psycho Originals persists like always and we have more on our plate than ever before! Until next time, take care.

May 23, 2011: Psycho Originals has officially gotten the approval by Christ of the Desert monastery to film a full-length documentary at their location in New Mexico. This will mark the first major creative work in Psycho Originals history. We are planning on teaming up with KOA Productions in order to realize the full potential of the documentary. Planning is starting immediately but actual filming is not to start until October 2012.  More details will be given as they become available. On another note, "Godoff" by the Algerian metal band Barbaros is set for release on Psycho Originals on July 1, 2011. And on yet another note, Psycho Originals has been in talks with Two Shot Revolver, an alternative country band about signing to the ever expanding Psycho Originals brand. That's the news for now, until next time, take care.

April 14, 2011: After a very long hiatus, the Psycho Originals website is now back in, almost, full-swing. You can look around and see the things we have been up to in the past couple years. The biggest development would be the founding of the Psycho Originals storefront in Osceola, Wisconsin. The store sells a vast variety of CDs, DVDs, VInyl, Books, and video games. While video production has been the main focus of ours since our origins, it is actually rhe audio department that has been making waves in the past few months. April 7, 2011 saw the release of the first official Psycho Originals endorsed CD: Hell Icon "Black Mass." A very dark, ambient project from the Netherlands, you can purchase the CD in the online store! The audio department in the midst of promoting the Hell Icon release, has been tirelessly preparing the release of "Godoff" by Barbaros, an extreme black metal band from the Netherlands. You may also have noticed another subsidiary of the Psycho Originals name, the investment branch. We have the best minds of the company investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate! Thats about all for this update, check back often! Until next time, take care.

February 28, 2008: Hey everybody, The Phantom Killer project has been postponed until further notice, and will not be released by the end of this year as was stated earlier on the website. In its place is a full in-depth look at Wisconsin nature spanning the four seasons. This project is turning out to be absolutely stunning and we will have a winter montage coming up on Youtube within the next month as sort of a teaser. It seems Spring is just around the corner, as soon as spring comes full-force, we will be taping again full-force. Over the next couple months we have a few new series starring all of the characters from the hit series TNW Lockdown. TNW Stranded and Psycho Originals are going to be the names of the newest series. The former is a spoof of the reality TV series Survivor which has plagued the airwaves for close to a decade. The latter is a spoof of both the movie Office Space and the new hit series The Office. Stay tuned, more videos are on their way! Until next time, take care.

Januarey 8, 2008: Hey everybody, the Psycho Originals Road Trip 2007 is now available on youtube for your viewing pleasure. The trip went off without a hitch, and we returned safely to Psycho Originals HQ on the 30th of December. Youtube makes it hard to capture the full magnitude of the trip, we are limited to 10 minutes, and had over 3 hours of video we could possibly use. Hope you guys enjoy! More skits are in the works as you are reading this! Until next time, take care.

December 21, 2007: Hey everybody, thanks for being so patient as we worked on the website! While it's still not complete, it is definently looking better than it previously did. New merchandise has been added to the Psycho Originals online store, check it out by clicking the Merchandise link on the nav-bar. Work presses on on new skits and also The Phantom Killer, the script writing process is coming along very nicely for this, it is definently weird for us to write a horror movie script, or a script in the first place because we never use them. I will keep everyone posted with any new developments here at Psycho Originals HQ. Merry Christmas everybody! Until next time, take care.  

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