Psycho Originals


Psycho Originals offer a wide variety of video production services. 

Our video business falls into two categories: corporate, and creative. 

Corporations often choose Psycho Originals for their videos because of our devotion to our customers, unparalleled personal attention, and meticulous attention to detail.  Although most of our production is corporate, we do not shy away from producing weddings, graduations, or personal events.

Creative projects are usually done by Psycho Originals itself, whether it be a documentary, music video, or web series. All projects are self-funded and self-produced, we do not put our work in the hands of a third party. We find this lowers the cost, increases creativity, and accelerates productivity.

Psycho Originals has also been producing a television series on the CW Twin Cities for the American Wrestling Federation  since Jan. 2013, to stay up to date on all the AWF happens click here.


To see commercial samples click here.

To see TV episodes of AWF Sunday Shockwave click here.

If you are interested in giving Psycho Originals the opportunity to produce your next video please contact us at:

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